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Isabel and her mummy 'scream' at the crocodile in Row Your Boat

I have been amazed at how engaged the babies are when you start singing. They stop what they are doing and seem mesmerised by your hands moving around. I’ve been to lots of other music groups but this is streets ahead of them…

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December 2010: Singing Hands and Cbeebies Something Special Christmas Show – Dec, 2010

Something Special Look out for the Christmas Episode of ‘Something Special’ with Justin and Mr Tumble which will introduce some key signs for the festive season. At the end of the show, children from two of our 2 local special schools (who we’ve been teaching to sign Away in a Manger) perform the song alongside Justin. They did brilliant singing and signing! The episode will be shown on the Cbeebies Channel on the 16th December at 4.20pm, then repeated on the 21st December at 12.30, 22nd December at 16.20 and the 24th at 9.45am and 1.35pm, so there are lots of opportunities to catch this special episode.

Just had to have a pic with Justin in between the takes!
Just had to have a pic with Justin in between the takes!

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