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Freya signs 'Bed'

Your sessions worked really well with babies’ abilities. Could happily have sat and sung with you ALL DAY! Great fun. Keep up the good work.

Video Clips

Do you have a budding Singing Hands expert? If so, send us clips of your tots singing and signing and we'll include them here:


Here is Keeley joining in with our DVD and doing a brilliant rendition of 'The Wheels on the Bus'

Stella doing a fantastic job of signing 'Silent Night'

Here is Stella doing a fantastic job of signing 'Silent Night' - we first met Stella when we visited ECCDS (The Education Centre for Children with DS) in Darlington


Ahoy there ship mates! Watch little Sam in action doing his pirate song right – brilliant work Sam, well done!

Wilf singing and signing along to 'Open Shut Them'

And just to show you that our DVDs are enjoyed by friends of all ages – here is our friend Wilf singing and signing along to ‘Open Shut Them’ – great stuff!


Here is little Pia, who has DS, and lives in Hong Kong. She has learnt lots of signs from watching 'Singing Hands' and here she is signing with her mummy and daddy at home. Great work Pia!

Johnhathan and Elaine singing and signing the 'Please and Thank You' song

Here is Johnhathan, one of our little friends from GOSH, singing and signing the ‘Please and Thank You’ song with his little sister Elaine. An adorable clip – Enjoy!

Johnathan’s Dad, Ning, emailed this to us with the message: “How fantastic job you are doing! You cheer my… kids up and teach them manners on the way. Proud of you and thank you. Hope to see you again soon!”.

Ammar and Saad signing the Please & Thank You song

Here is a clip of two of our friends Ammar and Saad from Saudi Arabia. Ammar was a patient at Great Ormond Street and we had great fun signing with him, his Mummy Muneera and his little brother Saad. We miss them lots as the boys did the best “Down in the Jungle” boogie-woogie ever known! Muneera has sent us this clip of the boys now they are back home in Saudi and she tells us that each night they do a ‘Singing Hands’ session. Here they are singing and signing the Please & Thank You song. She also tells us that all their friends have recorded the boys on their mobile phones and have them as Singing Hands ringtones!

Keep up the good work boys xx

Elpida at Great Ormond Street

Here is a clip of our lovely friend Elpida singing along to the Pirate Song with her teacher at Great Ormond Street Hospital. She's singing along to a DVD we made for the children and staff at the Hospital School so that they can carry on practising the songs on the days we are not there. Elpida is from Crete in only a matter of months she picked up the signing and lots of English words from her singing and signing sessions - a model student!! She now has her own Singing Hands T-shirt and wooden guiro and is keeping up the good work in Greece.

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